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Young A. C.

Young A. C.

SKU: MT121220913321

SIZE: 220 x 320 cm

“Young Attitude Collection” covers the major part of our modern Indian rugs, which are knotted in the area around Bhadohi. The rugs are knotted in modern, environmentally friendly, and ethically correct workshops, where child labour is not used. The collection consists of modern hand knotted rugs that have been carefully chosen and developed to fit Scandinavian style, which puts great emphasis on the original design and the quality of the craftsmanship. All rugs from our “Young Attitude Collection” will compliment any home, with their wide range of colours and designs.
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Additional Information

Style: N/A

age: 0-20 years (not used)

Colour Code: No

Condition: In very good condition

Design: Pacific Line, Red

Knot Density/Pile Weight: 50-150.000 knots per sqm.

Manufacturing: Genuine hand knotted rug

Pile: Wool/artificial silk

Origin: India

Square Meters: 7,04

Warp/Backing Material: Cotton

Colour: Red

Type: N/A

Size: N/A
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