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3 Reasons Why Scion Rugs are Perfect for Children’s Bedrooms

Children spend a lot of time on the floor. Be they playing, sitting or crawling, you need to ensure they are soft and comfortable the entire time. Naturally, you do not want to break the bank on purchasing rugs that will inevitably end up stained and ruined from the general wear and tear provided by your little ones, but you also want to ensure quality and comfort above all else. A cost-effective yet fun way to achieve this is with Scion rugs. Here are 3 reasons why Scion rugs are an ideal choice for your child’s bedroom or playroom.




Scion rugs are made from pure New Zealand wool, which is an ideal material for children. Wool rugs have thick piles that are delightfully soft underfoot; perfect for playing and relaxing. As a material, wool is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. A natural wax coating offers excellent stain resistance and they are also highly flame retardant. Therefore you can feel assured that your rug is safe, easy to maintain and is guaranteed to last throughout the years.


Scion Living Pajaro Honey Rug - Yellow Rug with White bird pattern
Scion Living Pajaro Honey Rug (Click to Shop)



Colours & Patterns


Scion offers a brilliant array of bright, contemporary designs that would easily suit the colourful furnishings and textiles typically found in children’s spaces. Adorn your floor with vibrant shades and playful patterns that are sure to excite and delight. Designs such as Mr Fox Denim, Pajaro Ochre and Spike Marine will add a touch of fun to any interior.


Scion Living Mr Fox Denim Rug - Blue Rug with Orange Fox Pattern
Scion Living Mr Fox Denim Rug (Click to Shop)



With size options as small as 90x150cm, Scion rugs are perfectly suited for children’s spaces, deftly complementing the typically smaller furniture with ease. Also available in sizes 120x180cm and 140x200cm, there is certain to be a rug to suit your interior, no matter the size.


Scion rugs offer excellent value for money due to their durability and bright designs. Let us know if you have decorated your child’s bedroom or playroom with a Scion rug. We would love to see how you styled these rugs at home!


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