5 Reasons to Buy a Wool Rug

Pictured – the Harlequin Trattino Berry Rug. Available here.


Taking into account the wide variety of designs and styles available, there are many benefits to owning a pure wool rug. Read on to discover why the material is so popular amongst your favourite interior brands and why exactly it is such good value for money.



Unlike synthetic materials, a pure wool rug is built to stand against the test of time. Wool rugs are incredibly hard-wearing, able to withstand the busiest of households Their piles are thick and voluminous. They quickly recover their shape after furniture compression, making them ideal if you are prone to moving your furniture around. With a wool rug, you can rest assured that it will remain in your home for years to come.

Grey rug with handcarved geometric design
Wedgwood Folia Grey (Click to Shop)

Holds Vibrant Colours Well

Wool lends itself well to coloured dyes, retaining vibrant shades with relative ease to produce designs that are plush in appearance and retain their appearance over time.



Do your bit for the environment by buying a wool rug. Sourced from sheep, you can feel content that your rug has been woven from a fully natural and sustainable fibre that is available in abundant supply.



Due to its unique structure, wool rugs require more oxygen than is present in the air to actually become flammable. What this means for you is that you can relax knowing that your rug is naturally flame resistant. This makes wool rugs particularly ideal for places such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Beige rug with pink and blue floral design
Wedgwood Paeonia Blush Rug (Click to Shop)


Last but not least, wool rugs are delightfully soft underfoot, ensuring a cosy atmosphere wherever it is placed. With a wool rug, every step is guaranteed to feel luxurious.


With such a wide array of designs and patterns available to you, it is difficult to find a reason not to buy a wool rug. Their soft texture and sustainable quality serve as mere bonus points when you take their durability and natural flame retardancy into account. Long-lasting and maintaining their vivid designs overtime, wool rugs are a worthwhile investment for every home, suiting all rooms ranging from your bedroom and living room to your hallway and study. What’s not to love! With excellent brands such as Wedgwood, Sanderson, Brink and Campman and Morris & Co all offering beautiful wool rugs, you are certain to find the perfect new addition to your home.


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