Budget Rugs to Suit Every Room in Your Home

Whether you’re renting, living in a busy family home full of kids or are simply looking for a fresh new look, you might not want to break the bank when it comes to purchasing a new rug. That’s why we want to highlight some of our favourite budget buys. With a diverse array of options from brands such as Lorena Canals, Asiatic and Saint Clair Paris; there is a budget rug to suit every room in your home!

Multicolour rug with chevron design
Colt Multi Rug (Click to Shop)

Hall: Asiatic Colt Rug

Who said hallways and foyers should be boring? A well-placed rug will add a pop of style and interest; perfect for making a big first impression. The Colt rug is an ideal choice. Both inexpensive and stylish, this chic contemporary rug will add a burst of colour to your interior, perfectly complementing the simple decor typically found in foyers and entrance ways. 

Woven from polypropylene, a close alternative to more expensive wool options, this rug is well-suited for hallways and foyers due to its durability and high moisture resistance. 

Mint Green Plain rug
York Mint Rug (Click to Shop)

The Dining Room: Asiatic York Rug

The best choice for any dining room is a wool rug. Incredibly durable, with a thick, voluminous pile that quickly recovers its height after furniture compression, a wool rug is guaranteed to withstand constantly moving furniture and heavy foot traffic. As well as that, there’s no need to panic if spillages and accidents occur, it is also highly stain resistant. 

Due to these benefits, wool is typically an expensive option. However, the Asiatic York rug offers the best of both worlds; a luxury material for an affordable price. Available in a wide array of trendy colours, this simple rug is adaptable to any style of interior. 

Red and beige rug with a traditional geometric floral design
Windsor WIN10 Rug (Click to Shop)

The Living Room: Asiatic Windsor

Achieve the classical elegance of a Persian rug for less than €100 with the Windsor rug. Featuring a traditional Persian-inspired design in rich Oriental hues of red and beige; this gorgeous rug offers luxury without the price tag. 

Woven from polypropylene, this exquisite rug is durable and soft, perfect for adding a touch of comfort to your living room. 

Blue children's rugs with a balloon design
Saint Clair Balloons Children’s Rug (Click to Shop)

The Playroom: Saint Clair Balloons Rug

Children’s spaces should be two things; comfortable and fun. While bright, colourful furnishings are a must-have for any child’s bedroom or playroom, you also do not want to spend too much on a rug that will likely have to be replaced as your child grows up. That is why the Saint Clair Balloons Rug is the perfect choice for a playroom or bedroom. 

Woven from durable polypropylene, this rug is built to withstand playtime while also being a cute addition to your interior. Bonus points for the fact that the simple design is appropriate for children of all ages, making it a low-cost investment that will likely remain a fixture in your home for years to come. 

Grey cotton rug with white morrocan design
Lorena Canals Oasis Vintage Rug (Click to Shop)

The Bedroom: Lorena Canals Oasis Rug

Woven from luxuriously soft cotton, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Lorena Canals Oasis rug costs more than it does. Perfect for bedrooms; place this gorgeous rug beside your bed for a soft, comfortable addition to the room.

Bohemian and Scandinavian-style interiors are forever trendy and with this rug’s simple Morrocan-inspired design, you can try out these fun trends without breaking the bank. The sustainable, eco-friendly cotton has been dyed using natural dyes, making this rug a completely guilt-free purchase; good for the planet as well as your wallet. Maintenance is even affordable; if this rug gets dirty, simply wash it in your washing machine on a delicate setting.

You can view our selection of budget rugs on our website here, or by visiting our rug shop in Cork, Ireland.

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