Going Bold With Bluebellgray (Guest Post by Cathy Flamingo)

This week, the fabulous Cathy Flamingo is here to give you her guide to styling our selection of bright and colourful rugs from Bluebellgray!

I’m never one to shy away from colour and bold patterns so I’m a big fan of the Bluebellgray rug collection. Here are my tips for adding a bold and colourful rug into a design.


Mix & Match

Don’t worry about coordinating everything. The matchy-matchy days are over. The style and colours of the rug don’t need to coordinate with every other element in the space. Your rug might be a contemporary geometric pattern but can still look great next to a classic wingback chair for example. Mixing styles and colours can make the room feel less stiff and add more personality to it.

Abstract bluebellgray nevis rug
Bluebellgray Nevis Rug (Click to Shop)

Vary Your Prints

Don’t be afraid to add more prints and patterns into the space. I’m not a fan of too many rules when it comes to interior design but when mixing patterns and prints, I follow two rules – distribute them throughout the space so there’s not a cluster of mixed patterns in one area and vary the scale of the patterns. So if the rug is a large scale pattern like this, go with a smaller print in the cushions or curtains and maybe a medium scale print in a throw.

Abstract bluebellgray nevis rug
Bluebellgray Nevis Rug (Click to Shop)


Go Neutral

If you want the rug to be the star of the show, keep the rest neutral or muted. You bought the rug of your dreams and you don’t want anything else in the room to take too much attention from it. So take some of the colours in the rug and go with more muted tones of the colours for your walls, furniture and other furnishings. Stick with one main colour in a variety of tones to create a really sophisticated yet relaxing space.

abstract bluebellgray amal rug
Bluebellgray Amal Rug (Click to Shop)

Cathy Flamingo is a Cork-based interior designer and the owner of Flamingo Interior Design. She is known for her colourful, retro aesthetic and bold style. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her website here.

You can view our entire selection of Bluebellgray rugs on our website here, or by visiting our rug shop in Cork, Ireland.

Header Image: Bluebellgray Ines Jardin rug. Available here.

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