Albany Geometric Diamond Teal Rug

How To Style A Teal Rug

Teal, one of the most versatile shades on the colour wheel and an interior designer favourite! So what is the appeal of teal? Perhaps it’s the effortless simplicity, the modern aesthetic feel or the calming properties associated with blue. Styling a teal rug in your home is one of the easiest ways to introduce this wonderful shade in to your interior.

Albany Geometric Diamond Teal Rug
Albany Geometric Diamond Teal Rug (Click to Shop)

Keep it Tonal

A mixture of blue and green, teal works exceptionally well when styled in a tonal space. Break the rules and mix up different tones of the same colours for a beautiful unique look. Contrasting shades of aqua, lime, navy and sage all tie in together to create a surprisingly harmonious feel in the room above. Place the Albany Geometric Diamond Teal Rug under a navy sofa to allow the colours to really pop. For a fresh and exciting look, accessorize with soft furnishings in shades of chartreuse, burnt orange and tan. 

Mad Men Collection Fahrenheit Polar Vortex
Mad Men Collection Fahrenheit Polar Vortex 8877 (Click to Shop)

Abstract Art

Timeless design meets contemporary style in our bestselling Mad Men collection. A piece of art for your floor, the Fahrenheit Polar Vortex rug is inspired by the freezing New York weather in winter. Teal and silver artfully combine to create a unique scratch design, reminiscent of the skate marks you find at an ice rink. This piece is a perfect example of a teal area rug best suited to a modern style home. Allow this rug to be the focal point of your room by pairing with minimal furniture and accessories. Keep to a neutral colour palette for the teal to remain the dominant colour in your scheme. 

Whisper Shagpile Teal Rug
Whisper Dark Teal Shagpile Rug (Click to Shop)

Make a Statement

You don’t always need a bold pattern to make a statement! Play with texture and pile depth for a luxurious finish to your room. The Whisper Dark Teal rug offers a richness and elegance, without overpowering your decor. Luxuriously thick and super soft, this teal shagpile rug is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. For a truly opulent and glamorous feel, style with gold accents and touches of velvet.

Marka Area Rug Teal
Villa Nova Marka Teal 8769 (Click to Shop)

Clean & Crisp

Not all teal rugs need to be the main focal point of the room. For a more subtle effect, opt for calmer and lighter tones of teal. Muted shades pair well with neutral interiors. For a crisp, contemporary finish, the Villa Nova Marka Teal Rug offers a textured design in delicate ones of teal and dark blue. For a clean, contemporary look pair with natural wood, crisp linen and a muted colour palette. 

Cozy Teal Blue Rug
Cozy Rug Teal (Click to Shop)

A teal rug will work in your home, whatever your interior style. You just have to find the right one! If you would like any help in finding the perfect rug, call into us in our showroom in Douglas, Cork. Alternatively, you can send us pictures of your room, along with a rough idea of size and budget, and we will send you on some suggestions. 

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