Introducing Luxmi by Flair Rugs!

Pictured: Luxmi V&A Omega Multi Rug. Available to buy here.

We’re delighted to announce the latest arrival to our shop – Luxmi by Flair Rugs. Lovingly handcrafted using the finest artisan and sustainable materials and techniques; each piece is a work of art!

Luxmi’s dedication to craft and artistry is most obviously displayed in their collaboration with London’s V&A Museum. Known for their vast archive of designs and crafts that span countries and decades, the V&A Museum is a treasure trove of inspiration. With rugs inspired by everything from delicate Chinese wallpaper to iconic prints from the British Arts & Crafts movement, each piece is a sight to behold. We’ve decided to feature some of our favourite pieces from this striking collection, including our best styling tips for each rug!

luxmi honeysuckle rug - black floral rug with pink and green flowers
Luxmi V&A Honeysuckle Black/Multi Rug. Click to Shop.

Luxmi by Flair V&A Honeysuckle Black/Multi

Reminiscent of the delicate floral designs of British textile designer William Morris, this striking rug has been given a contemporary update by way of the vivid colours. The fresh pink and green hues pop against the black background, resulting in the perfect statement rug. Handtufted from a combination of wool and viscose, it is both incredibly durable and luxuriously soft – the best of both worlds!

Styling Tip: No need to shy away from bright colours, jewel tones will beautifully complement such a striking piece. We love how this rug has been paired with neutral furnishings and teal walls. The rich hue beautifully complements the rug, ensuring that it does not overpower the room.

luxmi jazz black/grey abstract rug
Luxmi V&A Jazz Black/Grey Rug. Click to Shop.

Luxmi By Flair V&A Jazz Black/Grey Rug

Instantly transport yourself to Paris, 1925, at the height of the Art Deco movement. This classy rug was based on a furnishing fabric by F.Gregory Brown, which won the gold medal at the Exposition Internationale des Art Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. Conveying the glamour and sophistication of the era, we think this striking piece would be perfect in a modern study or living room.

Styling Tip: The rug features a mixed-pile height and a gorgeous shimmery finish. Therefore, we recommend you stay simple and let the bold piece do the talking. Take inspiration from the rug’s color scheme to create a striking, monochrome interior.

luxmi v&a moderne browne/ochre retro rug
Luxmi V&A Moderne Brown/Ochre Rug. Click to Shop.

Luxmi By Flair V&A Moderne Brown/Ochre Rug

Channel The Great Gatsby and create a 1920s haven in your home with this beautiful Art Deco rug. Based on a similar rug found in the V&A Museum, this chic piece will invigorate your interior, adding a touch of warmth and class. Woven from a wool and viscose blend, the shimmery finish adds further interest to the rich dark chocolate base and gold accents.

Styling Tip: This rug is all about strong lines and masculine touches, meaning you can ditch the dark colours and instead opt for contrasting light tones and added gold accents to tie the room together. By juxtaposing light and dark colours, you avoid accidentally making your room appear dull.

luxmi v&a rhapsody red rug
Luxmi V&A Rhapsody Red Rug. Click to Shop.

Luxmi by Flair V&A Rhapsody Red Rug

Taking inspiration from the shape of the Greek anthemion, this striking piece is certain to make a statement wherever it is placed. Dyed a deep, luscious red, this rug is both elegant and contemporary at the same time. A soft-touch flatweave woven from acrylic chenille, it lightweight, warm and very breathable.

Styling Tip: Who said primary colours are childish? We love the example above, in which mustard yellow and teal furniture and accessories deftly complement the bright red rug. The look is incredibly fun, certain to liven up your interior and brighten your day.

luxmi v&a heron natural/blue rug
Luxmi V&A Heron Natural/Blue Rug. Click to Shop.

Luxmi by Flair V&A Heron Natural/Blue Rug

Architect and textile designer C.F.A Voysey was a leading figure in the British Arts & Crafts movements of the late 19th century. Known for his simple, elegant style imbued with neutral tones and natural motifs; it’s no surprise that one of his designs was used by Luxmi. Simple yet beautiful, this soft, viscose rug remains faithful to Voysey’s original design, displaying the same qualities that made his textiles so sought after. It would be a chic addition to a living room or bedroom.

Styling Tip: The natural motifs and simplified forms make this rug well-suited for more eclectic interiors. Accessorise with brass ornaments and plenty of plants for a fresh new look!

We look forward to seeing how you style this beautiful collection. You can browse our entire range of Luxmi by Flair rugs on our website here.

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