Outdoor rug with a geometric design for styling your outdoor space

Summer Entertaining: Styling The Perfect Outdoor Space (With Interiosity)

On the rare times that our fickle Irish weather decides to cooperate, it’s important to make the most of it. Take advantage of the brief moments of sunshine by spending time outside. Be it gardening, reading a nice book or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, it’s important to have a bright, welcoming space in your garden in which to create these summer memories. This week, we’re collaborating with Interiosity to bring you a guide to styling outdoor spaces for family barbeques, casual gatherings and of course, the occasional party! 

Outdoor Rugs

Your garden may be the last place you would think to place a rug, but hear us out! Not only will a stylish rug protect your decking from trapped water and wear, but it will also unify your space and add a touch of texture. During the late nights you will be grateful for the added warmth and comfort an outdoor rug will provide; sink your toes in and enjoy the late evening air!

We love outdoor rugs because they instantly transform a space, offering a wide range of versatility. Surround a large area rug (such as the Tom Tailor Garden Pattern rug) with wicker furniture to create a welcoming seating area. If you are working with a narrow space, use two smaller rugs (such as this stylish geometric piece) to divide the area. This will create established sections for seating or barbequing while making your space appear much larger. 

cast iron drinks trolley

Let There Be Light

Good lighting ensures your party doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Festoon lights and candles create a fun and cosy atmosphere; you can never have too many! Spotlights strategically placed around the garden in plant beds, as well as wall lights, will make your garden space feel much bigger. 


Comfort is Key 

Invest in high quality, comfortable outdoor furniture. Scatter some cushions and seat pads and add a basket of blankets for added comfort when it gets a bit chilly. 

Outdoor rug with a geometric design for styling your outdoor space
Patio Indoor Outdoor Rug (Click to Shop)

Hostest with the Mostest

Hosting shouldn’t mean you are stuck in the kitchen or constantly serving drinks. Set up a self-service bar or drinks trolley, fully stocked so everyone can help themselves. 


Table Scaping

For an effortless botanical table centrepiece, place small potted plants and herbs in the middle, letting wildflowers and foliage ramble down the centre of the table. Don’t forget the all-important candles! This works well when serving a buffet-style bbq where all the condiments and bowls are served from a separate table. 

iron fire pit for styling your outdoor space

Keeping the Kids Entertained 

Set up a separate kiddies table or picnic on the grass. An easily accessible buffet or grazing table is always a winner. Save sweet treats such as smores for around the fire pit; fun for both the kids and grown-ups!


We hope you enjoyed our guide to styling outdoor spaces. To view our entire range of stylish outdoor rugs, please click here. Beautiful furniture, accessories and more can be found on Interiosity’s website here, or you can visit both of our shops in Cork, Ireland.

Outdoor rug with a geometric design for styling your outdoor space
Tom Tailor Garden Pattern Rug (Click to Shop)

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