Nursery Rugs: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best One

We’ve put together our ultimate guide to Nursery Rugs to help you choose the best option.

Preparing for a baby can be a busy and stressful time. No doubt, you’ve got a long list of necessary items you need to get for your new arrival, but you also want to enjoy this time. One of the most exciting parts for many expectant parents is decorating the new nursery!

We want this to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, so we’ve put together our top tips for choosing a rug for your nursery. There are a few things to consider when shopping for rugs, especially when children are involved. Read on to discover our key points to remember.

Little Biscuit White Rug
Little Biscuit White (Click to Shop)


Space is always one of the most important factors when choosing a rug. If the room is carpeted, then your rug will be purely for aesthetic purposes. This allows you to go big or to opt for a smaller accent piece. Smaller statement pieces such as the Happy Cloud and You’re My Sunshine designs work best when sitting independently. Accent pieces and circular shapes are great for creating cosy areas, such as a feeding corner or play area. The Lorena Canals Round ABC Rug can also be used as a super soft play mat for your baby.

If your nursery is not carpeted, then you may want to opt for a larger rug that will offer softness to the room. Typically nurseries tend to be the smallest room in the house, but you can still play around with size here. Choose a rug that is big enough to fit under furniture such as cot or chair legs to anchor the room. By choosing a larger piece, you will create a soothing and calming environment for you and your baby.

Round ABC Nursery Rugs
Round ABC Vintage Blue (Click to Shop)


Comfort is key here. There’s no point in opting for a style you love if it’s not going to be super soft for tiny toes! Keep materials natural and try to avoid synthetic fibres for this room. Wool or cotton is best as they offer durability and softness. 

It’s also worth noting that shag pile and tufted rugs should generally be avoided for nurseries. You don’t want your little one learning to crawl amongst long fibers. We know how everything ends up in their mouths or hands! Flatweave rugs are the best option for comfort, safety and design.

Washable Nursery Rug Baby Numbers
Washable Rug Baby Numbers (Click to Shop)


The sky’s the limit when choosing a design for a nursery rug! This is where you can really have fun and inject some personality. Is the rug going to be a starting point for the room or have you already decorated? If you’ve already chosen your colour palette then you’ll want to work the rug into your existing scheme. People often choose a rug they adore first and then build the decor up from that.

Polka dots, stars and clouds are our most popular, timeless motifs. With a range of colour options available, it’s easy to keep the style as gender-neutral as you like. Lorena Canals Hippy Rug is one of our bestselling designs, and it’s easy to see why. Contemporary and cute, this washable rug will liven up your nursery adding texture and warmth.

Lorena Canals Hippy Yellow Rug
Hippy Yellow (Click to Shop)


Let’s face it, babies are messy. There’s no preventing it. You don’t want to be worrying about spills or accidents so it’s best to choose a durable rug that can be cleaned easily. Lorena Canals really are the pioneers in this area. Their gorgeous nursery rugs can be washed in domestic washing machines for ultimate convenience. Simply wash separately on a delicate cycle and your rug will be good as new in no time. 

Washable Happy Heart Rug
Washable Happy Heart Rug (Click to Shop)


One of the most important factors in everything to do with your new arrival is safety. You’ve covered up hard edges, installed cabinet locks and raised the height of everything possible… Now you need to make sure that your rug does not present any trip hazards. Our premium anti-slip underlay will ensure your rug is safe underfoot and prevent sliding. Giving your baby the best chance they’ve got for those all-important first steps!

Washable play rug Path of Nature
Washable Path of Nature Pay Rug (Click to Shop)

Our Top Tip

Remember to have fun! Your child’s space should feel safe, inviting and inspiring. To really get the most out of your rug, try to choose a design that will still work as your little one develops. Our Sass & Belle rugs are perfect for little babies and will fit seamlessly into toddlers’ bedrooms or playrooms too.

Sass & Belle Nursery Rugs
Sass & Belle Kids Rugs (Click to Shop)

Enjoy this precious time with your new arrival and let us know how your nursery rugs search goes! View our full collection of Children’s rugs on our website.

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