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Having spent many years fitting and selling high-quality wood flooring, Brendan Holland realised that there was something missing. Having completed each room, he wasn’t satisfied with the end result. It needed something extra. Having always admired the heritage and craftsmanship involved in the making of Persian rugs, Brendan and his wife Dominique decided to set up Holland’s Wood Floors & Rugs in Cork city, Ireland, with the aim to provide only the finest rugs and flooring for Irish family homes. In 2016, Brendan’s daughter Phoebe returned to Cork to help expand the family business online. Rugs are second-nature to Phoebe, so she was well-equipped to take over when the time came to pass on the torch in 2018.

Two people choosing the perfect rug
Phoebe and Brendan Holland

Now in its 25th year, Rugs.ie is still wholly dedicated to selling beautiful, high-quality pieces that we would love to place in our own homes. Having developed relationships with some of the best rug producers in the world, we strive to provide only the finest traditional and modern rugs for Ireland, the UK and beyond. Throughout the years, Rugs.ie has gone from strength to strength, expanding our horizons to include an extensive website that features the largest rug collection in Ireland, with everything from authentic Persian and Oriental rugs to bold contemporary pieces, all while still continuing to serve local customers in our Cork store.

Throughout the years, our extensive team of experts have learned a lot about rugs. Be it styling or maintenance, we know everything and anything there is to know. With this blog, we have decided to share this knowledge, aiming to bring you news on the latest trends, decorating advice and how-to guides; everything that will help you pick the perfect rug for your home. So whether you want to learn about the versatility of flatweaves or just looking for some inspiration, you are certain to find what you are looking for right here.

A person choosing the perfect rug


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