Bombay Nights

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250 X 350 CM
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  • Colour: Grey
  • Sub Colour: Silver
  • Style: Plain
  • Design Code: TX-1499, Denim
  • Age: 0-20 years (not used)
  • Condition: In very good condition
  • Pile: Viscose
  • Manufacturing: Woven by hand
  • Origin: India
  • Knot Density/Pile Weight (per sqm): 50-150.000 knots per sqm.
  • Square Meters: 8.75
  • Warp/Backing Material: Viscose
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating: Yes

The Flag Collection exemplifies the simplicity of Scandinavian design. These rugs are specially designed to go well with the simplicity of Scandinavian home décor, while adding spark and a breath of fresh air. The rugs have a slightly shining finish, giving them a unique look and feel, fitting of any home. The use of viscose lends the rugs an almost silk-like impression. The colours are chosen carefully, in close cooperation with DIS in Stockholm.

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