Kelim Indi

140 X 200 CM
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  • Colour: Red
  • Style: Kelim
  • Design Code: Ankara 893
  • Age: 0-20 years (not used)
  • Condition: In very good condition
  • Pile: Wool
  • Manufacturing: Handwoven
  • Origin: India
  • Knot Density/Pile Weight (per sqm):
  • Square Meters: 2.8
  • Warp/Backing Material: Cotton
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating: Yes

Originating from India, this modern, multicolour flat-woven kelim features a fun, striped pattern; perfectly suited for adding a Scandinavian or contemporary touch to your interior. Woven from soft wool, it is incredibly strong and durable, certain to last throughout the years. It is particularly ideal for hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and other areas with high foot traffic.

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