Khal Mohammadi Belgique

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203 x 290 CM
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  • Colour: Red
  • Style: Authentic Persian & Oriental
  • Age: 0-20 years (not used)
  • Condition: In very good condition
  • Pile: Wool
  • Manufacturing: Handknotted
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Knot Density/Pile Weight (per sqm): 250-350.000 knots per sqm.
  • Square Meters: 5.89
  • Warp/Backing Material: Wool
  • Brand: Rezas
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating: Yes

Two Of The Most Popular Afghan Rugs Are Khal Mohammadi/Old Afghan, And Afghan Aktscha. Khal Mohammadi Is Handmade By Turkmens In Northern Afghanistan. Both Turkmenistan To The North And Afghnaistan To The South Are Mostly Inhabited By Nomadic Tribes. Kabul, The Capitol Of Afghanistan, And The City Of Herat, Are Important Centres For Afghan Rugs. Characteristic Of These Rugs Is The Deep, Warm, And Fiery Red Base Colour, The Relatively High And Sturdy Pile, The Wool Base Weave, The Use Of Goat’s And Horse’s Hair, And Knotting Using The Seneh Knot And The Gül (Elephant’s Foot) Pattern. The Base Colour Is A Wide Range Of Warm Red Nuances, From Rust To Copper Brown. The Pattern Is A Very Dark Blue, Almost Black, With Ochre And Ivory White Colour.

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