At Rugs.ie, we offer a professional rug cleaning, repair and restoration service nationwide and have over 30 years experience doing so.

All cleaning is carried out in our custom built cleaning facility by our expertly trained staff. We have the knowledge and specialised equipment to clean every type of rug.

Our cleaning services include:

  1. Wet Washing
  2. Dry Cleaning
  3. Stain Removal
  4. Spot Cleaning
  5. Care of Fringes
  6. Colour Enhancement

The type of cleaning carried out depends on the quality of the rug, age, composition of the pile and nature of the dyes.

We clean all types of rugs as listed below:

  1. Antique & Semi-old
  2. Pure Wool & Wool Mixes
  3. Persian & Oriental
  4. Silk
  5. Flatweaves & Kelims
  6. Synthetic, Acrylic & Viscose

How it works:

Contact us by phone (021-4898000) or by email for a free cleaning quote.

Please have some information ready about your rug - we need to know the size, material & type of rug.

We pick up and drop back rugs all over Ireland daily. If you are located nearby, we have a drop in service where you can bring your rug to us.

  • Each rug is photographed on arrival
  • All loose dirt and grit are removed
  • The rug is thoroughly hoovered
  • A small area of the rug is tested
  • The suitable type of cleaning is selected
  • The rug undergoes either wet washing or dry cleaning
  • Each rug is carefully inspected once the cleaning process is complete
  • If required, further treatment is carried out
  • The rug is gently brushed to bring the pile back to its original softness
  • The clean rug is photographed

A test is always carried out before going ahead with any cleaning. We do this to ensure the right method and the right detergents are used and no colour, dye run, or discolouration occurs. It is essential to ensure that the pile of the rug has not been disturbed and has regained its original condition.

Wet Washing:

A test is done to check for colourfast, to ensure no dye run occurs. We then gently wet wash the rug. Low PH natural detergents and organic soaps are used for the process. Once washed, the rug is thoroughly rinsed out with fresh water – this is essential. Each rug is then air dried naturally - proper drying is critical.

Dry Cleaning:

Dry cleaning is used for rugs with delicate fibres such as pure silk, antique silk, mohair, viscose and all copy silks. A pre-test is carried out before proceeding. We use an enzyme free cleaning compound - soap free, free rinsing, carbonated, odourless and non-toxic. No bleaching agent is used in the process. Once the cleaning is completed, we thoroughly inspect the rug to ensure no residue is left in the pile.

Stain Removal & Spot Cleaning:

Each stain is tested, treated and removed by hand.We make sure the correct soap or detergent is being used, depending on the nature of the stain.


Special care and attention is given to fringes, as they are often delicate, especially in antique and semi-old rugs. That is why we always clean and wash them by hand. We make sure, when cleaning the fringes, that no unravelling occurs.

Colour Enhancement:

Colour enhancement is possible for faded rugs. The results can be amazing and most faded rugs will regain a clarity of design and vibrancy of colours. Depending on the wear and tear and age of the rug, results may vary.

Repairs & Restoration:

We have 30 years experience repairing rugs, from the simple binding of edges to the most intricate rebuilding of design. Each repair is carried out by hand by an expert. We specialise in the restoration of antique rugs. The right yarns are sourced, in keeping with the colour and age of the rug.

  • Binding
  • Cutting, Trimming & Securing of fringes
  • Rebuilding of fringes
  • Rebuiding or reweaving of design
  • Securing threadbare patches, holes and tears