While there are no set rules when choosing the size of a rug, there are some guidelines to help you make your decision. Listed below are some tips for measuring and standard sizes to use as a guide.

  1. Know where your furniture will be positioned before you start to measure.
  2. Measure the space you want covered giving yourself minimum and maximum dimensions to work with.
  3. While modern rugs come in standard sizes, oriental and persian rugs tend to have slight variations. If you are shopping for a persian piece, make sure you give a little leeway.
  4. Place a sheet or some material on the floor to give you an idea of what the area covered will look like.
  5. Remember, it’s all down to personal preference and what you think looks right in your room.
Standard Sizes (may vary)
90cm x 150cm
120cm x 170cm
120cm x 180cm
140cm x 200cm
160cm x 230cm
170cm x 240cm
200cm x 290cm
200cm x 300cm
70cm x 250cm
70cm x 300cm