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Our Best Design Tips for A Moroccan-Style Home

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Increasingly popular, Moroccan-style decor is a dynamic and exotic way to liven up your home. Evocative of the country from which it originated, Moroccan interior design pools inspiration from a multitude of countries, ranging from France and Portugal to Africa and Persia. The result is a rich interior style that will add warmth and colour to your home. With our guide, you will have the perfect Moroccan interior in no time. 


Colour is an important focal point in any Moroccan-style home. Think rich reds, blues and greens, with added touches of silver and gold for a dramatic effect. In Moroccan-style decor, the colours are inspired by the country itself. The blue Mediterranean sea, red earth and golden sand all play a role in creating the perfect interior. 

Moroccan-style bedroom with Lorena Canals Woolable Arizona rug
Lorena Canals Woolable Arizona Rug (Click to Shop)


For flooring, you have two options; dark hardwood floors or cool ceramic tiles in contrasting tones. Both will enrich your jewel-toned walls and provide the perfect backdrop for the most important step – texture!


The easiest way to achieve the luxurious feel of Moroccan decor is through layers of texture. Don’t be afraid to combine different fabrics, textiles and patterns for a truly unique look. Notable pattern staples include geometric, tribal and ornate. 

As always, a rug (or two!) is the first step to achieving this luxurious feel. Morocco is especially well-known for its rugs, with Beni Ourain, Berber and Boucherouite rugs being common choices. Lorena Canals offers excellent cost-effective alternatives to these styles, with the Zuni, Lakota and Bereber rugs being a particularly perfect choice for a Moroccan-inspired home.

Don’t stop there, adorn your walls with macrame hangings and tapestries, and scatter plenty of throw pillows to complete the look. 

Moroccan room with Lorena Canals Woolable Berber rug
Lorena Canals Woolable Berber Rug (Click to Shop)

Style Tips

  • Dim, romantic lighting is a must-have in any Moroccan-inspired interior. Choose lighting fixtures made from coloured glass or metal, or rely on candles in traditional lamps.
  • Obviously, the typical Irish home is devoid of the ornate mouldings and curved arches that Moroccan design is known for, so cheat with curved bookshelves and shelving as well as furniture with ornate embellishments. 
  • Choose the right fragrance for the perfect finishing touch. Pick candles and oils scented with saffron, nutmeg and other spices for an exotic atmosphere.

You can view our Moroccan-inspired rugs on our website here, or by visiting our showroom in Cork, Ireland.

Moroccan bedroom with Lorena Canals Woolable Lakota rug
Lorena Canals Woolable Lakota Rug (Click to Shop)

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