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Decorating with Scandinavian-Style Rugs: A How To Guide

Decorating with Scandinavian-Style Rugs: A How To Guide

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Forever trendy, Scandinavian interior design carries a unique, timeless quality, and for good reason too! Promoting a mantra of simplicityfunctionality and minimalism, Scandi style is easy to incorporate into every style of home.

If you want to incorporate Scandi style into your home, aim for simple, modern furnishings. Add plenty of light, paint your walls white and buy a couple of potted plants and you are well on your way to achieving the minimalist style.


Stopping here however will result in a cold, uninviting room. Which leads you to the final (and arguably most important) step – Textiles! Textiles are a crucial part of achieving Scandi style. Be they cushions, throws, or a well-placed rug, they will soften the edges of your modern furnishings and help create a cosy atmosphere.

Here are a few things to consider when picking the perfect Scandinavian-style rug.

Muted Colours

Clean, muted neutrals are a staple of Scandi design. Focus on whites, blacks, greys and browns to create a calming atmosphere. The Northern Lights and Yeti rugs come in beautiful warm grey and beige tones. Their piles are super-soft and thick, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the room while keeping things simple.

Northern Light Wool Concrete

Layers of Texture

Layers of different textures will add a beautiful variety to your Scandi-style room, instantly creating an inviting atmosphere. Lorena Canals have a wonderful selection of rugs that have a beautiful tactile quality while still maintaining the minimalist look. The Earth and Air rugs have been woven using a variety of different techniques to create soft piles that vary in pile height and texture. 

We hope you have learned a bit about Scandinavian style and are now well-equipped to transform your home into a cosy, minimalist space. Remember to prioritise clean lights, plenty of light and of course, lots of textiles.

You can browse our full selection of Scandinavian-style rugs online here.