Behind the Design at Farraige Mhór, a Luxury Holiday Destination

Behind the Design at Farraige Mhór, a Luxury Holiday Destination

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Nestled between the woods and the water along the enchanting Cork shoreline, you'll find the most luxurious holiday destination from Farraige Mhór. The impressive period home is filled with magnificent antique furniture, Persian rugs and thoughtful design to artfully complement the period aesthetic of this magnificent building.

Combining luxury with the beauty of the Irish landscape & seascape, Farraige Mhór have mastered the art of providing an unrivalled getaway experience for all those who visit. Each property boasts a distinct personality, filled with intricately constructed designs and carefully chosen pieces. Choosing to pay homage to local craftsmanship and locally-owned businesses, each Farraige Mhór property lovingly houses the work of Irish artists, designers, photographers and woollen mills. 

We sat down with Robert and Lori-Ann ahead of the launch of their newest property, Western Villas, and discussed their journey to the completion on this project and what the future holds for Farraige Mhór. 

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Tell us about Farraige Mhór

Robert: Farraige Mhór is a small company providing luxury accommodation for holidaymakers and businesses on the south coast of Ireland. While we have huge plans to expand, the bulk of our properties can be found overlooking the water on the beautiful wooded peninsula of Currabinny. We have a deep love for this truly magical place and are excited to share it with the world. With that in mind, we’ve brought several properties to the market, and are about to launch Western Villas as the jewel in the crown. We’ve spent years restoring this magnificent period home, and we’re delighted to give you a peek behind the curtain ahead of its official launch later this year. 

What was the inspiration behind the name Farraige Mhór?

Robert: Farriage Mhór translates from Irish to English as ‘Open Seas’: a phrase that has resonated with us for a few different reasons. To our guests staying with us from overseas, we often represent a far horizon and a home away from home. For us, the name conjures up the sense of adventure we have felt since the start of the project, and the excitement that any journey represents.

How do you define your style?

Lori-Ann: I like beautiful things and I have an appreciation for different aesthetics so I wouldn't say that I have a particular style. In my projects, you will notice that the kitchen and bathrooms are beautifully appointed and the spaces provide a feeling of luxury and comfort.

Persian Rug in Bedroom

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What was your journey in designing your latest project, Western Villas?

Lori-Ann: The idea of taking on the Western Villas project was one that was considered over a few years. When I first was shown the house its proportions with high ceilings, and rooms that were both generous yet manageable, captivated me. So much so that the decay, the disintegrating wallpaper, the buckling floors, and a general appearance that would make any spirit from yesteryear feel at home, didn't dull my interest at all. 

When you have such a beautiful period home you would like to save as much of the original features as possible. This was not possible with Western Villas. Riddled with woodworm and feeling the neglect of sitting unoccupied for 15 years,  the only thing that could be saved were four dining room chairs. The reality was that this was going to be a gut job rather than a restoration.

With this in mind, I made a concerted effort to visit the home many times before it was gutted. I took in the feel of the rooms and the muted tone of teal that ran throughout the house in the wallpaper, shutters, and doors. Envisioning what it would be like to live there in Victorian times and also what it would need to be comfortable for modern living.

Western Villas got a complete makeover that included expanding the kitchen, adding a mudroom/ lounge area, and converting one of the smaller of the six bedrooms into a bathroom. 

Beautiful Victorian cornicing and ceiling medallions were added. Accent walls and doors were painted in hues of navy and teal bringing a warm Victorian feel to the home. Our furnishing both new and antique, finished the project nicely as Persian and Oriental rugs pulled everything together, giving the design a wonderfully cohesive and warm feel.

Kitchen and Dining Room Image

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How do you source items for your projects?

Robert: Ireland has a strong heritage of furniture making. It seems strange to say it, but exploring it and learning about it proved to be as rewarding as finding the beautiful pieces that now call Western Villas their home. There wasn't much we could salvage in the house when we got it, but we felt a deep obligation to remain true to its Victorian DNA. With that in mind, we delved into the wonderful world of antique furniture, as full of colourful characters as you’d imagine. We also worked directly with companies keeping the tradition of exceptional Irish furniture alive such as Finline. It goes without saying that for rugs, was our first and only choice as market leaders in both quality and expertise.

What or who is your design inspiration?

Lori-Ann: It is so easy now to find design inspirations. When I was a teen in the early 90s I would eagerly await the newest edition of Architecture Digest to hit the shelves. Now inspiration is readily available everywhere. My favourite sources are Pinterest, Houzz, and for this project in particular House and Garden Magazine. 

Why did you choose Persian and Oriental rugs? 

Lori-Ann: For their quality and vibrant colour. Their beauty is timeless and they fit seamlessly into any design style. Therefore Persian and Oriental rugs have become a mainstay in all our properties. They certainly are traditional for the Victorian era. Paying homage to Victorian design was so important to us in the Western Villas project, and we knew Persian rugs would play an integral role in keeping the house’s authenticity intact. Each bedroom has a beautiful rug as a focal point, as well as exquisite examples taking centre stage in the drawing room and dining room. This was particularly important as we had made the decision early on to adopt an open-plan design and have the drawing and dining rooms run into one another.

Persian Keshan Rug Close Up

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Tell us what your rugs have brought to your space.

Lori: We sourced a truly majestic 10-seater dining table for the house, and though its size spoke to the authenticity and utility of space we always hope to foster, it threatened to engulf and overwhelm the dining room. Happily, we used a magnificent Kashmar rug sourced from to subtly extend the room, which balanced the space and pulled everything together. The rug’s distinctive Zir Khaki pattern also brings vibrant colour and warmth to the room’s inherent charming formality. We recently recounted the whole experience in our blog at

What does quality mean to you?

Robert: So much! I think it encapsulates the pride we take in what we bring to the market and the guest experience we are happy to stand over. It’s the enthusiasm we bring to the table and a commitment to the highest standards. In that light, it goes without saying that it’s a hallmark we look for in those we work with and the products we use. The Western Villas project has been an opportunity to connect and reconnect with such individuals. It’s also been humbling to surround ourselves with beautiful pieces that will retain their splendour and function for years or even generations to come.

What do you consider a timeless interior staple?

Lori-Ann: I adore AGA and other heritage ranges. Coming from the Caribbean, these were unknown to me when I first came to Ireland, but I quickly came to value their charm and practicality. And since I’m crazy about kitchens, I love anything that reinforces the kitchen as the familial hub in any home. We’ve put similar ranges into our properties or had existing ones refurbished and re-enameled. I’ve grown to realise that ranges like this are truly timeless, and wonderful in their ability to make a statement while also serving a purpose. These work in a European context however they would be out of place in most settings across the pond so I am going to say that Persian rugs are the ultimate timeless staple. They can fit into any decor and I have them through our homes in the Caribbean and Ireland. 

Photographs Farraige Mhor Designers

Lori-Ann and Robert from Farraige Mhór

How do your guests describe Farraige Mhór?

Robert: From reviews online, it’s clear our guests are as captivated by the view of picturesque Crosshaven across the water as we are and as enthusiastic to explore the mighty Currabinny Woods directly behind the houses. Like the suppliers we deal with, we believe in going above and beyond for our clients, and we’re grateful to see that constantly reflected in the reviews we garner. It’s a true privilege to play a role in the forever memories our guests build while visiting Ireland, and truly flattering when their travels bring them back as return guests. 

What are your plans? Are any new projects on the horizon?

Lori-Ann: Our next project is an exciting departure for us! Two years in the making, our Cork City townhouse with an unmistakable Art Deco aesthetic is well underway, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what our guests and followers on social media think of our ideas! As you’d imagine, we’d had wonderful conversations with Phoebe and the team and our reliance on their expertise will be evident throughout the finished product. 

Looking to explore the very best of what Cork has to offer? View the captivating properties of Farraige Mhór here.

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