How to Style a Designer Rug: Scion

How to Style a Designer Rug: Scion

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A brand renowned for its vibrant and playful designs, Scion rugs are the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of modernity and imagination to their home décor. From the beloved Mr Fox collection to elegant botanical patterns, these rugs blend style with functionality, suitable for any living space.  Here, we explore how these cheerful designs can transform your space, offering both comfort and style.

Understanding Scion's Design Philosophy

Scion stands out in the home décor world for its commitment to cheerful and dynamic designs that spark joy and creativity. At the core of Scion's design philosophy is a focus on vibrant graphic motifs that are playful yet sophisticated, making them a versatile choice for modern homes. The colour palette used by Scion features rich tones of rust, green, mint and soft yellows, which can seamlessly integrate into various décor styles while adding a fresh pop of colour.

Scion rugs are crafted from high-quality wool, offering durability and longevity. This blend of functional benefits with bold, artistic designs ensures that a Scion rug is not just a decorative element, but a practical investment in any home.

Styling with Botanical Rugs

Botanical rugs from Scion, with their lush, detailed patterns, are ideal for adding an element of the outdoors to any indoor space. When styling with botanical rugs, consider the existing colour scheme and style of your room. These rugs work particularly well in areas that receive plenty of natural light, such as living rooms, sunrooms and spacious hallways, enhancing the naturalistic theme. To complement a botanical rug, pair it with furniture in neutral tones or with wooden finishes that echo an earthy aesthetic. This not only allows the rug to stand out as a focal point but also harmonises the entire room.

Accessorise the space with indoor plants, which can echo the botanical themes on the rug and add to the overall freshness of the décor. For a cohesive look, pick cushions and curtains that draw from the rug's colour palette, enhancing its tones and patterns. If the room is small, balance the vibrant design of the rug with more subdued art pieces and textiles to ensure the space doesn't feel overwhelmed.

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Decorating Children’s Spaces with Scion Rugs

Scion’s range of children’s rugs offers a perfect blend of fun, colour and playfulness, making them ideal for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of kids' rooms. With designs that feature cheerful patterns and engaging designs these rugs not only serve as a comfortable play area but also stimulate children's imaginations and add a whimsical touch to their living spaces.

A Scion rug can be placed where your child spends the most time playing or reading. Ensure it's large enough to cover significant play areas, providing a soft surface for children to sit, lie and play on. The durability and natural stain resistance of wool make Scion rugs particularly suited for the inevitable spills and stains in a child’s room.

Customising Your Space with Scion’s Custom Rugs

For those who seek a more tailored approach to home décor, Scion’s custom rug service offers a unique opportunity to personalise your living environment. This bespoke service allows you to specify the exact dimensions of your rug, ensuring it perfectly fits the aesthetics and functional needs of your space

When considering a custom rug, think about the areas in your home that might benefit from a unique piece. Whether it's a long runner for a narrow hallway, or a large area rug for an open-plan living room Scion’s custom service can accommodate. Discussing the tonal options, like rusts, greens, mints and soft yellows, can also help in creating a piece that not only stands out but also harmonises with your current interior design scheme.

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Best Practices for Rug Care

To maximise the impact and longevity of your Scion rug, it's essential to consider proper care and maintenance. Here are some practical tips to ensure your rug enhances your space effectively and remains in excellent condition over time.

    Care Tips:

    1. Routine maintenance: vacuum your Scion wool rug regularly to remove dirt and prevent particles from settling into the fibres. Avoid using beater bars on the vacuum, as they can pull the fibres out.
    2. Immediate spill response: in case of spills, blot - don't rub - the affected area immediately with a clean, dry cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible.
    3. Professional cleaning: even with regular vacuuming, it’s wise to have your rug professionally cleaned every couple of years to maintain its vibrancy and texture. This is especially important for rugs in high-use areas.
    4. Avoid sunlight damage: if possible, rotate your rug periodically to ensure even wear and prevent fading from sunlight. Consider using window treatments to minimise prolonged sun exposure, which can cause the colours to fade over time.

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