Styling A Cosy Christmas with a Luxury Rug (Guest Post by Ciara Keelan)

Styling A Cosy Christmas with a Luxury Rug (Guest Post by Ciara Keelan)

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As we head into the festive season, it is important to start thinking about your interior space. Whether you are lazing on the couch or entertaining family and friends, creating the perfect luxurious space is a definite must! Increase the charm of any interior and achieve the look of luxury with the addition of a chic new rug. This week, interior designer Ciara Keelan brings her best tips for choosing the perfect rug for Christmas.

Damask Rug (Click to Shop)

It is important to ensure that your chosen piece will suit your home throughout the year. It may look glamorous alongside your glittering festive decor, but will it still have the same effect come January? Many of our luxury options have been woven from decadent silk or velvety viscose, all which add a beautiful shimmer to the rug under light. You can rest assured that the luxurious touch will remain in your home all year round.

Ripple Grey Rug (Click to Shop)

I always aspire to select luxurious pieces for my rooms, opting for deep tonal shades and layering these colours throughout. This is always a great starting point for any interior and I have designed many rooms around a beautiful rug. Always remember, if you choose to invest in a rug with bold colours or prints, choose furniture in neutral shades to ensure that the piece does not overpower your interior

A hot tip for Christmas: take inspiration from your rug’s colour scheme and opt for Christmas baubles and decor in matching shades. This will tie the room together and add a considered, layered touch to your home. 

We hope this post inspires you to create the perfect luxury space in your home this Christmas. All rugs featured, and much more can be found on our website here or by visiting our showroom in Cork, Ireland.

About Ciara Keelan

Ciara Keelan Concepts was formed in 2016 and has grown steadily into a successful design studio. Ciara gained experience initially in the retail sector, space planning and creating visual direction for luxury brands such as Chanel.

With a formal background in fashion design, Ciara combines this influence with her natural eye and relentless passion for design. Ciara launched her own design studio to cater to the demand for her services from private and commercial clients.

You can visit her website here.

Featured rug is the Antiquarian Ushak rug by Louis de Poortere. (Click to Shop)