The Best Wool Rugs for 2022 from Brink & Campman

The Best Wool Rugs for 2022 from Brink & Campman

Why choose a wool rug?

There are so many benefits to wool rugs that we’ve dedicated an entire post to it, read it here. In short, wool is the optimum material to create rugs with. Known for its durability, it’s also incredibly soft. Ideal for adding a warm and cosy feel, wool rugs are perfect for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Equally, they work well in high traffic areas like hallways and kitchens as they are so easy to keep and clean. Eco-friendly and renewable, choosing a wool rug is kinder to the environment than a synthetic option.

Best wool rugs for a Scandinavian style interior

The Spring/Summer collections from Brink & Campman feature an extensive offering of designs that would suit a Scandi style home. Minimal colour palettes and maximum texture combine to create timeless pieces that are oozing with style.

The Pebble Natural Sand rug is an excellent choice for layering textures and neutral tones in your space. This beautiful piece has a chunky pile that will make a gorgeous centrepiece in your living space. Handwoven from a considered blend of wool and jute, this eco-friendly rug will instantly create that effortless Scandinavian look.

Brink & Campman Pebble Beach Wool Rug Detail (Click to Shop)

Colourful wool rugs

While Brink & Campman always offer excellent neutral toned rugs, they don’t shy away from using colour either! The right colourful wool rug can transform your space and create a stunning centrepiece. Experts in the considered use of colour, the collection features a range of designs using unique palettes.

The Artisan Focus rugs feature a modern stripe design, in an elegant combination of colours. Woven from 100% pure new wool, these eye-catching rugs are the ultimate luxurious addition to your interior! Style with minimal accessories and dark accent colours to allow the rug design to be the main focus. 

Brink & Campman Artisan Focus Dusk Rug (Click to Shop)

The best wool rugs for a textured look

Brink & Campman are experts in creating texture within their designs. And wool is a quality material to use for this purpose. Thick, chunky and soft, styles such as the Tumble, Grain and Young offer a voluminous pile in a range of subtle colours. The simple, uncomplicated style of these textured wool rugs ensures they won’t go out of style. 


Wool rugs for kids’ rooms

Included in the new collection are some adorable designs for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms! Part of the Decor range, the characters include a bird, lion and whale, as well as a shell-shaped rug and a planet. Perfect for adding a touch of fun and personality to your little one’s space, the subtle colour palettes won’t overpower your existing schemes.  And as wool is so easy to keep and clean, their ideal as little playmats!

The Best Wool Rugs for Kids from Brink & Campman (Click to Shop)

Brink & Campman quality

Brink & Campman rugs are renowned for their quality, craftsmanship and sustainability. They are created using the finest materials and are a true investment for your home. A Brink & Campman rug will last for many years to come when looked after properly. Their designs are often timeless and tend to avoid passing trends, to ensure longevity. While a wool rug may cost more than a polyester or polypropylene version, it’s certain to withstand the test of time. Brink & Campman offer some of the best wool rugs on the market.

Brink & Campman Decor Miller Fall Rug (Click to Shop)

Need help in choosing a rug?

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Wool rugs and underfloor heating

With underfloor heating becoming more & more popular, especially in new builds, you need to consider the material of your rug. Synthetic fibres are unsuitable for use with this form of heating. You will need to ensure your rug is made from natural materials, such as wool, cotton or jute. All of the rugs featured in this post can be used on underfloor heating. If you’re still unsure, check out our YouTube video below, covering everything you need to know about rugs for underfloor heating.