Dining Table Rugs – Our Expert Guide

Dining Table Rugs – Our Expert Guide

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Do you need a rug under your dining table?

Dining table rugs; the placement that poses much debate in the rug world! The beating heart of the home, dining spaces are quite often open-plan areas where the whole family gathers. No longer solely used for eating, dining tables have evolved into homework stations, home offices and social hubs.

So the big question is should you place a rug under your dining table? Here at Rugs.ie we love dining table rugs, however, there are some important factors to consider before you decide on the one. Read on to find out our best advice and what you should avoid!

Why we love rugs under dining tables

The benefits of styling a rug under your dining table are endless! Style, functionality & practicality all come in to play here. We’ll chat through each point in more detail but for now, lets look at the general benefits of these rugs.

Wooden tables on wooden floors can sometimes have that floating affect, the right rug will help to anchor and define the area. Tables are hard, solid objects; by layering a rug underneath you can add texture & softness to the room. 

When chosen correctly & cared for properly, dining table rugs should last for many years to come. For this reason, we recommend you follow our advice below before you start your search.

Size Matters

When it comes to high usage areas, functionality is so important. Your rug HAS to fit under your table correctly or it will get caught in your chair legs. For this reason, we recommend that measuring the space is the first thing you do!

Balance is key here, you don’t want to swamp the room, but you also don’t want it to look like you bought the wrong size! Start by pulling all of your chairs out and then measure the space you need to cover. Usually, we say to allow roughly 60cm around the table to allow all chairs to move comfortably in and out without catching your new rug. It’s best to work with the size of your table, more than the size of your room. 

When measuring for a dining table rug, you will of course need to consider the table shape! Round tables are a popular choice in many homes. With this shape you have two options. If the space allows, you can still opt for a rectangular rug. However, you will need to ensure that there’s still adequate room for the chairs to move in and out. 

Smaller round tables can look great sitting on round rugs. We have a large selection of circle rugs available on our website that will tie in with any scheme.

In the Zone

Open plan living spaces are now more popular than separate rooms. If this is the case in your home, you may need to consider how to zone the space. Zoning helps define different areas within a large open space. For example, it’s a good idea to have clear definition between the kitchen prep area and the relaxing dining space. Placing a large rug under your dining table can do this. Working with the interior style, the dining table rug can add visual interest and help define the overall look of the space. 

Materials & Durability

A busy spot in most homes, extra consideration needs to be given to the materials you choose here. The last thing you want is a stain that can’t be removed on your gorgeous new rug! Where the budget allows, we always recommend wool rugs. A natural fibre, wool offers excellent durability and stain resistance. It’s also easy to clean and feels good underfoot.

Jute and sisal have become hugely popular choices in recent years. While they are excellent for durability and brushing off dry dirt, it’s important to note they cannot get wet. Unfortunately, water or liquid marks can leave a stain on the rugs. If you’re happy that won’t happen, then they do look great in modern homes. However, if you think spills are likely, we would recommend you choose a different material.

Polyester and polypropylene are both synthetic fibres that are very durable. A great choice for under dining tables, they are affordable, easy to clean and hard-wearing. The style and colour range available is huge so you’re sure to find a design you like with this material.

Flatweave rugs are another practical choice for under dining tables as they can be used on both sides! With the design similar when reversed, it can simply be flipped over if any stains occur. Their low pile height also lends itself well to placement under furniture.


Let’s face it, the likelihood of dropping some food around the table is pretty high. Avoid the stress & worry of minding your rug by ensuring it can be cleaned easily. We usually recommend you spot clean any spills immediately with a clean damp cloth and some Woolite or non-bio. Avoid any harsh chemicals and carpet cleaners as they may damage the fibres of the rug. If you’re unsure about how to clean a rug, get in touch with our expert team who are always happy to help. 


Now that you’ve covered the practical side of things, it’s time to think about the visual aspect. Whether you’re designing the room from scratch or just adding in a new rug, the style is important. We’ve discussed how this area may be prone to spills etc. so this needs to be kept in mind for the design also. While a plain rug may look great in the space, it won’t be the most practical. Instead, opt for something with even a subtle pattern. This will hide any little stains much better than a solid piece will.

If there’s already a lot going on with the decor, such as patterned curtains, cushions or art, look to more refined rugs to anchor the room. You don’t want to overpower the space by adding in too much.

On the other hand, perhaps the room is lacking a bit of life and needs an injection of colour. If this is the case, play around with patterns and different designs to find a look that suits your style. This can be a great starting point for the overall look of the space.

A place of relaxation and enjoyment, ensure the rug you choose is both visually pleasing and comfortable underfoot. As these areas mostly feature tiles or wooden flooring, placing the right rug under your dining table will make the area feel more comfortable and inviting.

The Home Collection Extra Large Rugs

We’re delighted to now offer extra large rugs in The Home Collection. Measuring 240 x 330 cm, these pieces are ideal for placing under large dining tables or furniture. At just €589 for this size, they are a great value choice for updating your dining area.


To keep the rug in place under your table, we recommend you use our anti-slip underlay. Simply lay it down under the rug and it will prevent any sliding or bucking under the chairs. Check out our handy video on how to use it. 

Using Outdoor Rugs Indoors

Outdoor rugs are designed to be easy to clean, you can even hose them down! For this reason, they also work really well in busy areas of the home. We’ve got lots of gorgeous colourful designs that will add a burst of personality to your dining space. Spills and stains can simply be wiped off with a clean damp cloth, perfect for homes with young kids or pets. Browse our extensive range of indoor/outdoor rugs here. 

Rugs to avoid under your dining table

  • Thick shaggy rugs are a no-no for this setting. While they create a lovely feeling of comfort and warmth, they are best kept to living rooms and bedrooms. 
  • Plain rugs – what will you spend most of your time doing here? Eating & drinking! Keep this in mind when you’re deciding on a style. Even a gentle, subtle pattern or texture will help hide any slight stains.
  • Silk & Viscose – While these materials offer a beautiful, luxurious look & feel, they are again, best suited to areas with a lower footfall. These materials stain easily and so, we recommend using them in bedrooms and living spaces.
  • While we love a big oversized rug, it’s important to remember balance. Ensure your rug is big enough to sit comfortably underneath your table, but doesn’t swamp the room. Allow a border of floor around the rug and never run the rug right up to the wall or door. This will simply look wrong in the room and throw off the symmetry. 

Find the Perfect Dining Room Rug

Our new room visualiser tool takes all the hassle out of trying to find the right rug for your space! Try it out here and play around with as many different styles and sizes as you like. Simply take a photo of your room and our technology will place the rug under your furniture. You can even share your favourite options with your friends and family.

If you’re still struggling to find the right piece, fill in our free Design Consultation form and our experts can recommend suitable dining table rugs for your space.