Navy Blue Rugs; Experiment with a Bold New Trend

Navy Blue Rugs; Experiment with a Bold New Trend

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A mainstay of interior design, neutral tones are perfect for easily creating a unified and stylish space within your home. It can be tempting to opt for standard grey and beige hues, which offer consistency and versatility to boot. However, soft neutrals can also oftentimes appear dull and monotonous if used incorrectly. If you want to use a neutral tone that will simultaneously freshen up your interior, then look no further than navy blue.

On-trend for this season, the traditionally maritime hue is perfect for freshening up tired décor. Navy easily adapts to suit any style of interior, adding a sense of power and authority wherever it is placed. It is particularly popular for classic, contemporary and coastal styles. The perfect way to incorporate this bold new trend is with a navy blue rug. Textiles have always been an easy, non-committal way to experiment, and a well-chosen area rug can easily update a space and add a touch of visual intrigue.

Morris & Co Seaweed Ink Rug


The key to pulling off navy is contrast, be this through complementary colours, patterns or textures. Textures are perfect for adding a touch of interest and variety to a room. The Louis De Poortere Fading World Medallion Blue flatweave rug features a Persian-inspired design that has been distressed to give it a vintage look. The distressed sections add wonderful variation and interest to the piece and the understated design is easy to combine with the furnishings already present within your interior.

Louis De Poortere Fading World Medallion Blue


Patterns are excellent for incorporating small bursts of navy, rather than a solid mass. This is particularly ideal if you want to engage with the trend without overpowering your original décor. The Morris & Co Seaweed Ink rug offers an elegant flower pattern with intricate detail. Don’t forget that when decorating with patterns and textures, always work in threes; combinations of three distinct textures and patterns unify a room and add visual weight to a space.

Complementary Colours

In terms of colour combinations, there are a multitude of combinations available to you. Navy, like all blue tones, evokes an aura of calm and serenity. Its darkness also carries an air of sophistication and adds drama to a space. Therefore, the colour combinations you choose have the power to completely transform the mood and ambience of your room. The touches of mint in the Sanderson Stapleton Park Navy/Burnt Orange rug beautifully complement the gentle green tones found in the furnishings. Combine your rug with a series of matching throw pillows or an accent wall to really tie the room together.

Sanderson Stapleton Park Navy/Burnt Orange

These are just some of the variety of options available to you with navy blue. We hope you now feel inspired and ready to incorporate the dramatic hue into your own home!

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