The History Behind Vintage Persian Rugs

The History Behind Vintage Persian Rugs

Traditional style with a modern twist; we’re obsessed with our selection of Vintage Persian rugs. Sustainable and stylish, these unique rugs are created by upcycling antique rugs. Entrenched in a deep sense of history and artistry, each piece tells a story.

This week, we want to give you a peek into the fascinating process behind creating such beautiful and creative rugs.

Finding the Perfect Rug

The first step in the process is sourcing a rug in need of some TLC. Semi-antique rugs are the most sought-after. With their exact age unknown, each piece carries a unique history. Worn and faded, the upcycling process offers a new lease on life. Favourite styles are Kerman, Ravar and Tabriz.

The Fading Process

Each rug is carefully cut and stonewashed, which is a process that uses pumice stones to soften and fade the rug. Finally, the rug is laid out to dry in the sun, which serves to bring out its original pattern.

The pile, or top layer, of the rug is usually removed, giving the rug a worn, distressed look that is oh-so-trendy!

A Rainbow of Options

Vintage Persian rugs are known for their bright, contemporary colours. This is achieved through the use of natural plant dyes, which are made using traditional, old recipes that have been passed down through the generations. It’s difficult to predict how the dying process will turn out, so it’s always a surprise!

As you can see, there is a different story behind every Vintage Persian rug. To own one is to own a unique art piece in its own right, imbued with the histories and traditions of the places from which it came.

While obviously well-suited for traditional interiors, the combination of classical and modern styles also make Vintage Persian rugs the perfect choice for eclectic and bohemian interiors! You can browse our full selection of Vintage rugs on our website here. Select pieces are also available to view in our rug shop in Cork, Ireland.

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