Using Monochrome for the Perfect Scandinavian Interior

Using Monochrome for the Perfect Scandinavian Interior

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An enduring classic in interior design, monochrome is a bold yet simple colour choice that effortlessly blends functionality with modernity. Defined by its simplicity, it’s no mystery why monochrome and Scandinavian design pair so perfectly. We have written about the Nordic trend here, but today we want to specifically talk about how you can use monochrome to achieve the perfect Scandinavian interior. 

Hygge Living

Sometimes considered cold and stark, monochrome colour schemes gain new life when combined with the hygge sensibilities of Scandinavian decor. Best described as the feeling of soft contentment when surrounded by loved ones and enjoying life’s simple pleasures, a sense of hygge is conveyed in Scandinavian design by way of layers of texture, warm lighting and plenty of candles. Texture can be added through thick blankets, fluffy pillows and of course, the perfect rug. In turn, when styling monochrome, it’s important to use texture to break up the monotony and add visual interest.

Simple Patterns

When choosing the perfect rug for your Scandi-monochrome interior, we recommend forgoing busy florals in favour of something more modern. Abstract and geometric designs are a firm favourite here at The Mad Men Griff Metro Rug by Louis De Poortere features soft strokes of grey and black, artfully meshing to create a distinct abstract design.  The perfect choice to add variation to the room. 

Another option is the Fading World Medallion rug by Louis De Poortere. Mimicking the appearance of vintage Persian rugs, this striking centrepiece features a distressed traditional design. Composed of soft grey tones, it can be effortlessly incorporated into any room, easily conveying the harmonious atmosphere that both monochrome and Scandinavian interiors are well-known for.

The 60-30-10 Rule

Every monochrome room is different. Many designers recommend the 60-30-10 rule to plan how the different tones will be dispersed throughout your interior. 60% of the room should comprise the main colour, encompassing the walls and large furniture. 30% should be regulated to the secondary colour, which includes any accent furnishings and textiles. The remaining 10% is used for the accent colour, normally incorporated through small accessories and textiles, such as throw pillows. 

 Our two previous rug recommendations would suit an interior with the lightest tone as the main colour, and the darkest tone as the secondary colour. For interiors with dark walls and furnishings, the Eden rug would provide a wonderful contrast that will add life to the room. Featuring elegant carvings, the design is subtle enough to not overpower the interior, while still providing a much-needed tactile quality.

 Feeling inspired to create your own Scandi-monochrome interior? Let us know in the comments!

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