How to Style a Designer Rug: Morris & Co

How to Style a Designer Rug: Morris & Co

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William Morris was a cornerstone of the British design movement during the Victorian era. More than just a textile designer, Morris was a poet, artist and philosopher who infused his diverse talents into creating fabrics, wallpapers and furniture. His designs offer a subtle blend of the old and new, making them timeless additions to any home.

This guide will introduce you to Morris & Co rugs, renowned for their detailed designs and rich colourways, and provide you with tips on how they can enhance your living spaces. Whether you are already familiar with William Morris or just discovering his designs you'll find ways to incorporate these elegant rugs into your interior, adding both style and comfort.

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William Morris and His Influence

William Morris' approach to design was revolutionary at the time, integrating natural elements with intricate patterns, all while refining handcrafted techniques and natural dyes over the rising tide of industrial production.

His work was initially embraced by avant-garde thinkers and those seeking to break free from the conventions of the time. His heritage designs, rich with flora and fauna, added a fresh, organic feel to the rigid and formal Victorian interiors. This fusion of natural beauty with everyday objects was more than just aesthetic; it was Morris's way of bringing the outside world into the home, promoting a sense of peace and harmony.

Today, William Morris's designs continue to inspire contemporary interior design, blending seamlessly with both traditional and modern styles. His belief in beauty, utility and artistry in everyday objects remains a guiding principle for designers and homeowners alike.

What Makes Morris & Co Rugs Special

Morris & Co rugs are renowned for their intricate patterns and rich, vibrant hues. Each rug showcases detailed depictions of flowers and botanicals, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional decor. Typically, Morris & Co rugs fit well within traditional, eclectic and maximalist interior styles. Their bold, elaborate patterns are balanced by their timeless appeal, making them versatile additions to various home settings.

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Making a Statement 

Incorporating a Morris & Co rug into your home is a great way to inject life and personality into your living environment. The detailed botanical and floral designs can transform a mundane space into one of enchantment and warmth. These rugs are perfect for those looking to introduce a sense of luxury and textural richness into their interiors.

Morris & Co rugs are crafted with precision and care by Dutch rug manufacturing company, Brink & Campman. This collaboration ensures that each piece not only embodies the artistic spirit of Morris, but also meets high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Rugs such as the Strawberry Thief range really showcase how these designs can suit different tastes and room palettes. Whether you opt for the boldness of the Strawberry Thief Crimson or the deep richness of the Strawberry Thief Indigo, each rug offers its own unique appeal.

Adding Comfort to Your Interior

Morris & Co rugs are hand-tufted from high-quality New Zealand wool resulting in a thick, soft pile that ensures a luxurious feel underfoot. Wool boasts the added benefits of being durable and easy to clean; perfect for high traffic areas.  

The detailed designs, characteristic of Morris & Co rugs, are excellent at hiding dirt and minor stains; perfect for busy areas with high footfall. This feature, coupled with the ease of maintenance associated with wool, means that Morris & Co rugs can retain their beauty and integrity over time with simple care routines.

These rugs also are a worthwhile investment in the quality and style of your interior. Timeless and long-lasting, they are pieces that can be cherished and enjoyed for many years.

Tonal Decorating with Morris & Co Rugs

Tonal decorating is a popular approach in interior design that involves creating a harmonious space through the use of varying shades of a single colour. Morris & Co rugs, with their rich, tonal colourways, lend themselves beautifully to this decorating style. The rugs feature deep russets, lush greens and warm oranges, providing a perfect foundation for a tonally-themed room. Incorporating a Morris & Co rug into a tonal decorating scheme can add depth and texture to your space while maintaining a cohesive look.

Consider pairing a Morris & Co rug with complementary interior elements. Decorative wallpapers or embellished furniture can harmonise with the rug’s patterns, adding layers and creating a cohesive look.

Outdoor Options 

Morris & Co offers a striking selection of outdoor rugs. Featuring similar intricate, nature-inspired designs, these rugs are made from polypropylene; ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. 

Incorporating a Morris & Co outdoor rug into your garden or patio area is an excellent way to create a seamless transition from the indoors out. The floral and botanical motifs that define these rugs resonate with the natural environment, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor living space while providing a comfortable, welcoming area for relaxation and entertainment.

For those looking to enhance their exterior spaces with the timeless appeal of Morris & Co designs, options such as the Boughs Leafy Arbour Outdoor Rug illustrate how these outdoor rugs can transform a patio or garden into an extension of the home's interior style. 

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