Introducing Tisca Rugs

Introducing Tisca Rugs

When it comes to home decor, the right rug can significantly enhance a room, bringing a touch of warmth, style and comfort to any space. Tisca custom rugs are a testament to this; combining quality, luxury and personalisation. These rugs are handwoven from high quality wool, ensuring both durability and a luxurious feel underfoot.

The Olbia Uni range by Tisca offers a customisable approach to selecting the right rug for your home. Designed to suit your individual style and size requirements, each rug is made to order.

Why Choose An Olbia Uni Rug

Each custom Tisca rug is a labour of love, carefully handwoven by skilled craftspeople using high quality natural materials. The handweaving process is intricate and time-intensive, reflecting Tisca's dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship while embracing contemporary design. 

Durability & Ease for Everyday Life

Crafted with quality in mind, Olbia Uni rugs boast durability and practicality. These rugs are designed to endure, making them the ideal choice for high-traffic areas. The robust construction and high-quality materials ensure that your Tisca rug maintains its texture and colour, even under the stresses of everyday life.

Perfect for everyday living, Olbia Uni rugs can be wet cleaned, making maintenance and care straightforward and hassle-free. The ease of upkeep ensures that your Tisca rug can continue to refresh your interior for years to come.

Comfort in Every Step

Olbia Uni rugs boast a soft wool pile, making them the perfect addition to living rooms, bedrooms, and any space where comfort is key. Tisca's commitment to excellence is evident in every rug produced, with strict standards ensuring that each piece not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

A Spectrum of Colours

Colour is a powerful element in interior design, capable of transforming the look and feel of a space. Tisca's Olbia Uni offers an extensive range of 96 colour options to choose from; from vibrant and bold to subtle and understated.   No matter what kind of aesthetic you’re looking to create, there is a hue to suit every taste and interior design theme.

Tisca's colour range also boasts an an array of neutral options. These colours are perfect for bringing a sense of calm and elegance to any space, seamlessly blending with different styles and furnishings. The versatility of neutral hues makes them a timeless choice, ensuring that your Tisca rug remains a cherished part of your home decor.

The Benefits of Made-to-Measure

Each Olbia Uni rug is tailored to fit both dimensions of your space and your personal style. This commitment to customisation ensures that the final product is the perfect fit for your space. This commitment to customisation sets Tisca apart, allowing you to have a say in every aspect of your rug's design, and ensuring that the final product is as unique as the home it's destined for.

With the Olbia Uni range, you have the freedom to specify the exact dimensions of your rug, ensuring a perfect fit, whether it's a cosy corner or a grand living area. 

The Olbia Uni range offers a wide range of design possibilities. Whether you're looking for a circle rug to fit under your dining room table or an extra large rug for your bedroom, with Tisca the options are endless. 

Tisca's made-to-measure service also allows you to choose between various textures and colour palettes, ensuring that your rug effortlessly complements your existing décor.  Whether you're looking to create a statement piece that stands out or a subtle accent that ties the room together, your Olbia Uni rug is a canvas waiting for your personal touch. 

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Shop Tisca now and add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home. If you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to contact us online or visit our rug shop in Cork, Ireland. We offer worldwide shipping, as well as free shipping throughout Ireland.