The Best Indoor Outdoor Rugs for 2022

The Best Indoor Outdoor Rugs for 2022

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We always have summer on our minds at so we've compiled a list of our favourite Indoor Outdoor rugs! Whether it’s a fresh morning coffee on the deck or long evening dinners with friends, we love being outside. The good weather is never guaranteed in Ireland, so it’s important to appreciate & enjoy it when it’s here.

Alfresco Monty Beige Cream Geometric MN07 Outdoor Rug (Click to Shop)

Patio Rugs

One of the easiest ways to transform any area is by adding a rug. This is just as true when it comes to the garden! Perfect for adding both colour and personality, our extensive collection has a style to suit everyone. From bold graphic designs to soft muted colour palettes, a weatherproof rug will give your patio a softer, more inviting feel.

Brink & Campman Habitat Aura Ochre Patio Rug (Click to Shop)

Colourful Indoor Outdoor Rugs

The garden is an area where we can really express ourselves and play with colour. We often make bolder choices and feel more comfortable experimenting in this area. Bursting with natural colours from trees & flowers, a colourful outdoor rug will compliment this perfectly. Create a space you love and want to spend time in. The Habitat La Vida rug by Brink & Campman will brighten up any space!

Brink & Campman Habitat LaVida Indoor Outdoor Rug (Click to Shop)

Waterproof Rugs

The beauty of our outdoor rugs is that they can be left out in the rain. With Irish weather notoriously unreliable, this comes in handy! Ensure you dry your rug properly before storing it away to prevent any mould build-up. Read our handy Outdoor Area Rug Care Guide for all our tips & advice on how to get the most out of your rug.

Alfresco Halsey Blue Outdoor Rug (Click to Shop)

Large Outdoor Rugs

With garden sofas and furniture growing in popularity, we’re seeing more and more people looking for oversized outdoor rugs. The majority of our designs are available in a 200 x 290 size, which is perfect for placing under a dining table or outdoor couch. Our large outdoor rugs start at just €299.

Brink & Campman Habitat Yerba Rug (Click to Shop)

Room Visualiser Tool

Have you tried out our new room visualiser tool yet? Handy and easy to use, simply click the “See This Rug In My Room” and you’ll get a better idea of how it will look. And the best part? You can now use it for our outdoor rugs too! Simply upload a photo of your garden or balcony and play around with placing different styles and sizes.

Room Visualiser Tool (Click for More)

We hope by now we’ve convinced you that you need a garden rug! With designs for every style and budget, our extensive range of indoor outdoor rugs can be shopped online and in our Cork store. We offer free delivery throughout Ireland on all orders over €50.