Bluebellgray Nevis - white rug with abstract paint splotch design

Painterly Watercolour Rugs – An Artistic Collection by Bluebellgray

Scottish homeware brand Bluebellgray has joined hands with Dutch rug company Brink & Campman to create a beautiful range of floral and abstract rugs realised through stunning painterly designs. Pulled directly from the vivid watercolour paintings by Fi Douglas, the artist behind Bluebellgray, this exquisite collection of rugs will add a burst of colour and pattern to every home.

Intrigued? Read further for a few examples and where best they might suit in your home.

Bluebellgray Ines Jardin - Beige rug with abstract floral design
Bluebellgray Ines Jardin (Click to Shop)



Painterly Floral Designs

Floral designs have always been a timeless choice, instantly imbuing spaces with a whimsical, feminine touch that can instantly apply to most interior styles ranging from classic to quirky. Through their painterly style, Bluebellgray provides a contemporary uplift to the timeless style, combining a vivid colour scheme and abstract interpretations to create something wonderfully fresh and contemporary.

Bluebellgray Jungle - beige rug with repeat abstract floral motifs
Bluebellgray Jungle Rug (Click to Shop)


Some of their most significant floral pieces are the Jungle and Ines Jardin rugs. Inspired by vivid flower gardens found in Morocco, these pure wool rugs are works of art. Elegant abstract strokes form dense foliage, realised in contemporary shades of bright pink, yellow and blue, which pop against the beige backgrounds.

White rug with abstract paint splotch design
Bluebellgray Nevis Rug (Click to Shop)


Simple yet effective, abstract brushstrokes rejuvenate spaces and add a creative touch. One of the most iconic designs in this collection, the Nevis features large bold paint strokes on a white background. If you prefer a more abstract geometric style, the Atlas rug ingeniously uses subtle shades of blue, purple, green and white to recreate an abstract interpretation of the busy streets of Morocco’s Medina Quarter.

Bluebellgray Atlas - rug with abstract geometric design in blue, yellow and green
Bluebellgray Atlas Rug (Click to Shop)


Suddenly compelled to transform your home into an art gallery? We can’t blame you! Every rug is guaranteed to be a bright, colourful addition to any interior. You can browse our full selection of Bluebellgray rugs here, or call into our rug shop in Cork, Ireland.

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