Summer Entertaining: Styling The Perfect Outdoor Space (With Interiosity)

On the rare times that our fickle Irish weather decides to cooperate, it’s important to make the most of it. Take advantage of the brief moments of sunshine by spending time outside. Be it gardening, reading a nice book or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, it’s important to have a bright, welcoming space in your garden in which to create these summer memories. This week, we’re collaborating with Interiosity to bring you a guide to styling your outdoor space for family barbeques, casual gatherings and of course, the occasional party! 

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Decorating with Scandinavian-Style Rugs: Our 3 Step Guide

Forever trendy, Scandinavian interior design carries a unique, timeless quality, and for good reason too! Promoting a mantra of simplicity, functionality and minimalism, Scandi style is easy to incorporate with every style of home – well-suited for both home-owners and renters. Textiles are a crucial part of achieving Scandi style. Be they cushions, throws, or a well-placed rug, they will soften the edges of your modern furnishings and help create a cosy atmosphere.
Here are three things to consider when picking the perfect Scandinavian-style rug.

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Saint Clair Paris Rugs: Floor Coverings That Grow With Your Kids

It can be a challenge to keep children’s spaces updated as they grow older, with changing ages and preferences demanding almost yearly updates to bedrooms and playrooms. Saint Clair Paris deals with this issue by offering a selection of durable and cute rugs that will suit your children, no matter their age. Read further to learn why Saint Clair Paris rugs are such an ideal choice for your little ones.

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